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With the basic installation and OAuth synchronization finished, now we need to make some additional tweaks to the PowerDialer™ user interface. We'll need to:

  • Add the InsideSales Call Center
  • Add a set of fields to the Activity layout to track and report on dialer actions.
  • Add action buttons to the Lead Search layout (or Account Search layout, or Opportunity Search layout, etc.).

Implementing the InsideSales Call Center

The Click-to-Call tools interact with all of the main Salesforce object types (leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities, cases). In order for the Click-to-Call tools to appear in the "sidebar" area for each object, we need to implement the InsideSales Call Center. Once enabled, the new InsideSales Call Center (based on Salesforce Open CTI) will automatically add Click-to-Call to the sidebar.

    To implement the new Call Center:

    1. Enable the Call Center
      1. Click Settings > Customize > Call Center > Call Centers.
        You may see a page introducing you to the new Call Centers.
      2. Click Edit on the | Click-to-Call Call Center.
      3. Click Save.
    2. Add Users
      1. Under Call Center Users click Manage Call Center Users, then Add More Users.
      2. Click Find.
        You can filter your results, otherwise just click Find to find and add all users.
      3. Select the appropriate users and click Add to Call Center.
    Implement New PowerStandings Sidebar Layout


    1. Navigate to Settings and choose Customize > Home > Home Page Layouts.
    2. Click Edit on the layout.
    3. Uncheck PowerStandings.
    4. Check PowerStandingsSidebar.

Add Dialer Data Fields to the Activity Layout

As your agents use the PowerDialer, the system tracks information related to each call, including the duration of the call, how many times the record has been dialed, a call result manually input by the agent, and more. This activity is stored in a Salesforce task, linked to the object that was dialed.

For this information to be visible to your agents, you'll need to add the necessary fields to the Salesforce Activity object layout. The fields themselves were created during the package installation; you just need to add them to the layout.

  1. Go the Salesforce Setup page, and click Customize >>> Activities.
  2. Click Task Page Layout and Edit it.
  3. Add a new section to the layout. Label it "PowerDialer."
  4. Drag the following fields into the new section:
    • Impression ID
    • Call Date/Time
    • Call Result
    • Call Hour
    • Call Type
    • Call Time Zone
    • Call Dial Number
    • Call Ring Time
    • Call Duration
    • Callback Date/Time
    • Call Lead Status
    • Call Object Identifier
    • Call Recording
  5. When finished, Save or Quick Save the layout.

Add Buttons to the Lead Search Layout (or Other Objects)

The PowerDialer includes a set of actions for creating and managing call lists that can be added to an object's Search layout. These allow agents to create a quick call list (often called a Domino list) based on a search or list view.

To make use of this feature, you'll need to add the actions to the appropriate Search layouts for whichever objects you need.

  1. Go to the Setup page, then click Customize >>> (Choose an Object Type). For example, we might start with the Leads object.
  2. Click the Search Layouts link for that object type, then (Object) List View.
  3. Add the buttons for Create List and Manage Lists.
  4. Click Save when finished. Repeat Steps 1-3 for each additional object of your choice.

Launch Click-to-Call Action for Console View

In addition to the Create List and Manage Lists actions, you can also add a Launch Click-to-Call button. For the standard Salesforce CRM, this action is not necessary, as the Click-to-Call actions are automatically loaded on every page.

However, if your agents also use the Salesforce console view, you'll want to give them access to Click-to-Call. The Launch Click-to-Call action is specifically designed to add call actions to records in console view.

Follow the same steps listed in the Add Buttons to the Lead Search Layout heading above to give users access to the Launch Click-to-Call action inside the console.

Optional: Add "Dials" Field to Relevant Objects

The PowerDialer tracks a dial count for any records called through the system. Your users can view this dial count by adding a field to the object layout.

You'll need to add this field individually to all objects on which you want the dial count visible.

For example, to add the "Dials" field to the Lead object, go to the Salesforce Setup page, then select Setup >>> Customize.

Then select Leads >>> Page Layouts. Find the layout(s) to update and edit them. In the available fields area you should see a "Dials" field. Drag and drop that into your layout. Repeat this process for any other objects where you want userse to see the dial count increment.

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