Installing Absolute Automation

Prior to proceeding please make sure you have administrator rights, or ask a Salesforce system administrator (sysadmin) to perform the install. The Vision App currently supports Salesforce Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited and Developer Editions.

  1. Download the Ap from the AppExchange

    1. We recommend installing into your production version of Salesforce. Visit the Salesforce AppExchange, and search for "iHance."
    2. While Salesforce AppExchange listings may change the URL location, you may be able to directly download the application using this link.
    3. Be sure to select: "Grant access to all users" when prompted.
    4. When the install is complete, go to your new "Emails" tab by clicking the plus sign at the end of your tabs and then select the "Emails" tab.
    5. This will take you to a wizard that completes the setup process.
  2. Setup in Salesforce

    Now go to your your new 'Emails" tab, click the 'Preferences' subtab, then click "configure mail forwarding" for instructions on setting up your email forwarding to Salesforce.

    1. You can do this setup at the Server side (via Exchange / Google Apps Pro / Lotus Notes, etc.) or Client side (Outlook / Gmail / Mac mail, etc). You will see all of these options in the picklist for setting up "inbound" and "outbound" email.
    2. We highly recommend the Server side install because your Admin can set it up once and it will work for ALL users and All of their email devices.
    3. However, if you proceed with a client side setup, each user at your organization can use the same instructions to setup their individual email clients.

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