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A call log is a Salesforce task, designed to capture dialer-specific information. The PowerDialer automates the task creation / completion function; from a workflow standpoint it's no different than a user manually inputting a completed call task directly in Salesforce.

How To

Setting up Default Options for Call Log Fields

Setting up default options for call log fields

If your agents are using call logs, there's probably been times either you or they have wanted to speed up the process of getting the call logs entered and saved, so agents can move on quickly to the next call. The problem was, agents were forced to minimally input a call result for each call.

The call log defaults feature allows you to establish a default field value for any and all task fields displayed in your call log panel. To access this feature, edit the appropriate field and set the default value. This feature allows your agents to save time by adding a pre-set value for each call and quickly move on to their next call.

Creating Pick Lists

Multi-select Picklists

The latest version of the PowerDialer for Salesforce lets you create multi-select picklists for tasks and events in Salesforce, and place them in a dialer panel (for more information on dialer panels, visit the Dialer Panels section).

The available picklist fields and available options are controlled from within Salesforce; to get them in front of agents using the PowerDialer or Click-to-Call, all you have to do is add the field.

  1. Open the Salesforce system setup menu.
  2. Click Customize.
  3. Click Activities.
  4. Click Activity Custom Fields.
  5. In the main window, click Add a Custom Field to Activities.
  6. Click New to create a new custom field.
  7. Select "Picklist (Multi-Select)" and click Next.
  8. Enter a name in the Field Label. This will be visible on the call log itself, as well as the Dialer Panel Editor.
  9. In the next field, enter values for the picklist. Separate each value on its own line.
  10. Set the # Visible Lines option to determine how many list values will be visible at once. A scroll bar will appear in the picklist field if your agents need to see additional options.
  11. Use the checkboxes to govern visibility of the picklist. Then click Next.
  12. Make sure the Task Layout box is checked. Then click Save.

You will need to add the new field to your dialer panel. To learn how to do this visit our Dialer Panel section.


Standard Call log fields

Standard Call Log Result Fields

Call results help show what the result of the call was.

Call Result Field Definition
Busy Busy signal
Left Voicemail Spoke to automated recorder
Left Live Message Spoke to live human being and left message with them
Bad Number Number not in service
Wrong Number Rreached the wrong househould/business
No Answer No answer, no voicemail, continual ring
Contact Reached target contact
Correct Contact Reached the decision maker
Set Callback Scheduled a callback
Transfer Handed call over to another agent
Field Description
Subject Text box to summarize the call log.
Comments Large text box to write out the particulars of a call in more detail.

Additional Call Log Fields

Additional Call Fields

In addition to the standard call log fields, we provide some additional log fields which you can optionally include. The bulk of these fields are for inbound calls, but there are also a few for outbound.

The purpose is to provide additional reporting insight into activities. For example, the optional Call Answered field helps you build reports identifying the percentage of inbound calls that are answered or missed; the Wait Time field helps you compare average wait times across ACDs, and so on.

To learn how to set these additional call log fields in your task click here.

Optional Inbound Data Fields
Field Name Information Displayed
Inbound Number Dialed The number the caller dialed.
Call Answered Indicates whether the call was answered (Yes or No)
Call Failover Indicates whether the call came after a failover (Yes or No)
Wait Time How long the caller waited before the line was picked up.
Failover Number Indicates the failover number the call used, if applicable.
Route to Owner Indicates whether the call was routed to the record owner (Yes or No)
Route to Last Caller Indicates if the call was routed to the last caller of the record (Yes or No).
Local Presence Indicates either: Whether the incoming call was placed to a local presence number, or whether an outbound call was made with a LocalPresense caller ID. (Yes or No).
Inbound Caller-ID The caller's phone number.
ACD Name The ACD Name the inbound call was placed.
Day of Week Post the day of week the call was received.

Optional Outbound Data Fields
Field Name Information Displayed
Phone Dialed The number that was dialed
Dialer Type Where the call originated - Click-to-Call, Seek List, or Domino list.
List Name If it was a list (Seek or Domino), the name of the list.
Query Name If it was from a Seek list, the name of the query that placed the record in the queue.
Day of Week Post the day of week the call was made.

Whats on the call log

What's on the call log activity

  1. Any standard Salesforce task info you choose to include in the log (you can configure the call log panel to include any standard task field). By default this includes the Salesforce record ID for the associated parent object(s).
  2. The logged call result provided by the rep. THIS IS A KEY ELEMENT
  3. The date and time the call was placed, provided from the call impression.
  4. The duration (length) of the call, provided from the call impression.
  5. The phone number that was dialed, or connected via inbound.
  6. The time zone location of the call (based on a reverse-lookup of the area code).

Call Results are not showing up on record?

Call results are not showing up on the record?

Call activity will appear up to 15-20 minutes after a call.

Click here for more information on how to view your previous call activities.

Using Pick Lists

Using Multi-Select Pick Lists

Multi-select pick lists appear in the dialer panel as a drop down labeled with the title you gave the field in Salesforce. To select an option, click the first option in the field. To select additional options, press and hold the CTRL key, then mouse click to select (or deselect) entries.

When the agent finishes logging the call, the selected pick list info will appear in the call log activity history and reports.

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