Call Paths

Call paths make it easy for you to build out your inbound call flows.

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Create a New Call Path

Manage your inbound call paths by clicking the Manage Call Paths within your InsideSales tab.

Create a new call path by clicking the Create New Call Path button

Call Path Editor

The Call Path graphical interface appears. All call paths start with the start option. Drag Call Path options from the option menu and build your call paths within the call path canvas.

Editor Actions

  • Drag-and-Drop: Drag-and-drop options from the options menu using the left mouse button. You may also reposition options on the canvas by left-clicking and moving the items.
  • Connect Items: Connect items in the path by hovering over the bottom half of the option and left-clicking on the Connect button that appears. Drag the arrow to the option that should come next.
    • If you change your mind, left-click on the arrow and select OK on the dialogue box that appears asking if you want to remove the connection.
  • Configure Options: Most options have individual settings that you must define. Double-click on any option within the call path to configure its settings.
  • Required Elements:
    • Start: Every path initiates with the Start action.
    • End: Every Path must end with one of these actions:
      • Disconnect: This is the defauly action if the path ends without an end action. In most case you do not want the call to disconnect on a customer, so you should choose one of the other end options.
      • Call Forward: Forward the call to another number.
      • Path Bridge: Transfer the call to another call path.

Save and Validate

  • Save the call path, or use Save As to save a copy of the current path under a new name. Quick Save will save the path but keep you on the same page.
  • Path Validation: When you save a call path, the sytem will validate the path and actions to make sure the path is complete and that you have not missed any settings.
  • Set Call Path Properties: You may set the call path properties at any time. If you haven't set the properties when you save the path, the system will prompt you to set them.

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