Click-to-Call is a standard feature of the PowerDialer for Salesforce. With this tool you can easily click any objects phone number and be connected with them. Pre-recorded voicemails and template emails can be called at a moments time to send directly to that object. Call metrics such as your talk time, dials count, call log, etc. are all available when using the Click-to-Call feature. Speed up your call time with Click-to-Call by

How To

Authorize your PowerDialer License

Authorizing your PowerDialer license

  1. Go to the InisdeSales tab and under license assignments verify the user has either a Click-to-Call license or Powerdialer for Salesforce license.
  2. If they have a license, go to the InsideSales tab and click on the re-authorize link to reauthorize the dialer for the affected user(s)
  3. If the authorization doesn't work see Authorization Problems.
  4. If the reauthorization worked correctly, but you are still having the issue, try using an incognito window if using Chrome or a private browsing window in Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Display Click-to-Call panel in Salesforce

The Click-to-Call panel will display after the InsideSales call center is implemented.

The Click-to-Call tools interact with all of the main Salesforce object types (leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities, cases). In order for the Click-to-Call tools to appear in the "sidebar" area for each object, we need to implement the InsideSales Call Center. Once enabled, the new InsideSales Call Center (based on Salesforce Open CTI) will automatically add Click-to-Call to the sidebar.

    To implement the new Call Center:

    1. Enable the Call Center
      1. Click Settings > Customize > Call Center > Call Centers.
        You may see a page introducing you to the new Call Centers.
      2. Click Edit on the | Click-to-Call Call Center.
      3. Click Save.
    2. Add Users
      1. Under Call Center Users click Manage Call Center Users, then Add More Users.
      2. Click Find.
        You can filter your results, otherwise just click Find to find and add all users.
      3. Select the appropriate users and click Add to Call Center.

Updating the dialer

Updating the Click-to-Call panel

When you add new buttons to a layout or voice message templates, or email templates, you may want to update your panel so you can have access to them instantly. If you do not update manually these fields will show up over night.


Authorizing is giving me an error

Authorizing is giving me an error

  1. If on SF Professional version, make sure the ISDC fields are on the Employee layout.
  2. Make sure ISDC fields, Token, username, password, permissions are all read/write in the Access User’s profile permissions
  3. Make sure the Access User is still an active user and is a full system administrator.
  4. Make sure the Access User can authorize with no problems
  5. Check if the authorization is trying to redirect the user to an incorrect subdomain, possibly another one they have or a trial site. This can be seen in the URL of the authorization error pop up

Spinning loading wheel

I am getting a spinning wheel on the Click-to-Call panel

The Click-to-Call panel is reliant on cache and cookies. First check that the cache and cookies are not affecting the behavior by launching Salesforce in an incognito or private browsing tab. If Click-to-Call launches clear your cookies and cache by following the follow steps:

  1. Holding CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE will bring up the settings to clear cache and cookies on chrome, firefox, and internet explorer.
  2. Make sure to clear the cache as far back as possible on chrome (the drop down for this is called the “beginning of time”.)
  3. On chrome you also need to clear local storage which you can do by clicking the three bars in the upper right hand corner -> settings -> type “local” into the search settings bar -> Follow the yellow bubble -> click “remove all.”
  4. In addition to clearing cache and cookies, you may need to update the Click-to-Call.
    1. To update your Click-to-Call panel, see the instructions on this page in the above How To section under Updating the dialer.

My phone numbers are not highlighting

Phone links are not linking or highlighting

If the phone numbers on account/leads/contacts are not highlighting after the page loads and you have refreshed the page and it still is not showing follow the steps below.

  1. They may need to disable Skype’s click-to-call or a third party CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) adapter in Salesforce, especially if you can see the Skype icon next to the numbers or a little black phone and the numbers are not blue
    1. Setup -> customize -> call center -> Call Centers -> Any other programs in the “call centers” section will need to be deleted or have the user removed from being assigned to that adapter.
  2. You may also need to disable an extension in your brower.
    1. If Skype has added an extension to your internet browser this can also cause this problem. In Chrome - settings -> extensions -> find skype and disable
  3. We have also seen customers using IE8 and Microsoft Lync together causing errors with phone numbers. Turn off Lync within your IE settings.

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