Domino Lists (aka NextCall)

How To

How do you create a Domino list from a report?

Create a Domino list from a report

  1. Navigate to the InsideSales tab
  2. Choose Domino Lists
  3. Choose New Domino List
  4. Mark the report radio button
  5. Select the report folder that contains your desired report
  6. Choose the report you wish to use
  7. Click to update the report
  8. Choose the report object to use
  9. Finish creating the domino list


  • The report you want to build the initiative from needs to be in a public folder
  • The report needs to contain an ID column
  • Opportunity reports will need to have a contact ID and an opportunity ID
  • It could take a few minutes for the report to run in order to build the list

International Customers

Launching the list in PowerDialer registers the list with the system, however you should close the PowerDialer window after you lauch and instead use the Click-to-Call panel.

International customers should not use the PowerDialer window. That stand-alone PowerDialer component does not support international or special characters. Any records saved after opening in the PowerDialer will corrupt international characters within leads.

The Click-to-Call panel does support international characters. After closing the PowerDialer, launch the list in the Click-to-Call panel:

  1. Click on the Settings icon.
  2. Select the Dialer List from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Use the Next Record Button to navigate the list. Click on phone numbers to call.


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