We have built 12 reports that come standard with every installation. With these 12 reports you will be able to measure multiple areas of your business as it relates to the dialer. Below you will find a short description of each report. For further instruction follow the link after each report.

Correct Contact Rate by Dial Attempt


This report correlates correct contacts with the number of dial attempts it takes to generate that contact. The goal is to help you and your reps visualize the point of "diminishing returns" when it comes to dialing leads to make a correct contact.

Correct Contact Rate by Rep


Knowing your reps efforts and their call results can help you make the right decisions. This report shows each reps correct contacts versus all other call results bucketed. The report also includes a total calls made line so you can compare their results to their call amount.

Correct Contact Rate by Time of Day


With this report we built it to help determine the best time of day to get correct contacts. The report will show you your correct contact rate vs. all other call dispositions by time of day. You also will see the amount of calls made during that period. With these three pieces of information you can now make correct decisions on when to dial and get in contact with the right people.

Immediate Response Results


For this report we want to visualize the effect of immediate response on correct contact rates. When immediate response best practices are followed, you should see an increase in overall contact rates, and higher contact rates for calls made earliest in the response cycle.

Inbound Calls by Time of Day


This report charts inbound call traffic levels during individual hour blocks. The goal is to help you visualize when the highest-traffic periods are, and to plan agent availability accordingly.

Lead Penetration Report


With our lead penetration report you can see the effort your reps have made on the leads they own. Compare a reps efforts of called on lead to the amount of leads assigned to the rep.

Lead Source Effort to Conversion


This report examines the effectiveness of marketing lead sources by comparing their ability to produce high levels of conversions in as few dials as possible. The report compares the conversion rate against the average number of dials it takes to generate those conversions, based on the source from which the lead originated.

Ring Time Averages


This report compares the amount of time a call "rings" broken down by call result. The report cross-compares the ring time against the total number of records for each result.

Call Recordings by Rep


This very simple report lets you view agents' recorded calls. This report does not include a visual chart.

Call Result Detailed View


As demonstrated in the screenshot below, this report creates a "plot" assignment of call results to help you identify two things. First, do specific call results correlate to longer call durations (and by association, engagement with prospects), and second, what are the aggregate percentages of each result?

Calls by Rep Today


This simple report shows a basic breakdown of all calls, both inbound and outbound, handled by your reps today.

Correct Contact Avg Talk Time


For this report we're going a step further in evaluating call effectiveness, analyzing how much time reps spend on the phone once they've made a correct contact. When a rep spends more time on the phone when a correct contact is made, we can assume that the rep is effective at engaging the contact.

If a rep isn't spending enough time on correct contacts, it may indicate that contacts are disengaging quickly, suggesting the rep might need to revise his or her approach, messaging, and qualifying skills.

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