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Like a personal trophy display case, agent personal profiles allow members of your sales team to reference and display Achievements, Points, Rank, Challenge results and more.

If you've chosen to use the PowerStandings home page component in your Salesforce app, your reps will see an "at-a-glance" view of the standings bar in their standard side panel view.

Part of this component is a user profile view, accessible by clicking a hyperlink on the rep's picture, his or her name, or the small "person" icon on the upper-right area of the panel.

Profile Tabs

  • Home - Displays a points dashboard, adjustable to a particular time range.
  • Achievements - Shows a list of the user's achievements. Can be adjusted to show achievements in progress, or previously completed.
  • Challenges - Like the Achievements tab, shows active, scheduled, or expired challenges.
  • Throwdowns - Like the Challenges tab, only shows the agent's active / expired / completed throwdowns.

Changing the Profile Picture

Users can upload their own profile pictures. These will appear in panels and leaderboards across PowerStandings.

To upload a new picture, click to open the Personal Profile page, on the Home tab. Click the Change Picture link.

The following elements assist you in making sure your profile image is properly formatted:

  1. Cropping Tool - Ensures a proper 1:1 ratio for images.
  2. Resizing - Ensures images are not greater than 1000 X 1000 pixels.
  3. Validation - Ensures proper image resolution. Images below 300 X 300 pixels will not be uploaded.

In order to achieve the best resolution of your profile picture, it is recommended you have a 1:1 ratio (1000 x 1000 pixels) and a size of at least 1MB.

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