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Head on over to the Manage Teams link in your InsideSales tab. The basic idea for setting up a PowerStandings team is that we want to meaningfully group together your agents for comparison and competition. All team settings are designed to improve manager reporting, and give reps a better view into their own performance—both on their own, and in comparison to other relevant team members.

Let's look at each of the sections in more detail.

Standings Bar

The standings bar appears on team members' record screens in the PowerDialer, and in a truncated form in the dialer side panel in Click-to-Call. Notice that the widgets are tied to a specific KPI. You can have up to five active widgets on a team's standings bar at a time.

Widget Options

There's three basic widget types:

  • KPI - Shows agents their current ranking for the identified KPI, within a specific time frame. The Rank and Next numbers update as they work.
  • Challenge - When you select this option, the system will automatically display the current standings for ALL challenges in which the agent is actively engaged. Although the standings only show one challenge at a time, agents can cycle through all of the active challenges by clicking on the widget in their display panel.
  • Adaptive - Adaptive widgets use the Neuralytics™ engine to automatically rotate standings displays based on the agent's sales personality profile and activity history. As the rep continues to work with the system, Neuralytics learns what metrics, KPIs, and challenge displays appear to correlate to the agent's best performance. Over time, the displayed information in an adaptive widget becomes more relevant to the agent's work and personality.

Adding the Standings Bar to Click-to-Call

To activate the standings bar in the Click-to-Call panel, follow these steps:

  1. Click your Salesforce username in the upper right corner of the window, and then click Setup.
  2. In the sidebar, click the arrow next to Customize, then the arrow next to Home.
  3. Click the Home Page Layouts link.
  4. Click Edit next to the layout you want to edit.
  5. Make sure the PowerStandings box is checked. Then click Next.
  6. Use the Salesforce interface to determine where PowerStandings will appear.
  7. Click Save.

If you want it to appear on the sidebar on every tab and not just the home tab, follow these additional steps as well:

  1. Click your Salesforce username, then Setup.
  2. Click the arrow next to Customize.
  3. Click the User Interface link.
  4. In the main window, make sure that the box labeled Show custom Sidebar Components on All Pages is checked.
  5. Click Save.

Team Settings

The Team Name field is self-explanatory, but let's talk about the Target KPIs. When you select one or more target KPIs, adaptive messaging and content is more likely to appear based on the selections.

Team Members

As shown, membership on a team is controlled through the selection of Salesforce roles.

Team Managers

Team managers are designated Salesforce users who can manage team challenges, widgets, and notification settings without having to be a full-blown Salesforce administrator (Salesforce admins automatically have access to the PowerStandings team manager). Then a team manager is selected, he or she will be given access to the Manage Teams links.

Notification Settings

By default PowerStandings will display periodic notices across users screens throughout the day based on activity. For example, if an agent takes the lead in a Challenge or daily KPI metric, the notification system would display a congratulatory message.

  • Notification Type - This can be set to "Off," "Normal," or "Neural." "Normal" displays messages based on built in parameters for leaderboard changes. "Neural" notifications includes messaging tailored to a rep's sales personality profile.
  • Frequency - Sets how often notifications appear. "Low" displays a minimal set of notifications; "High" displays frequent notifications.

Setting Up Notifications

Setting Up Neural Notifications

From an administrative standpoint, setting the feature up is easy. On the Edit Team page, use the Notification Type dropdown in the Notification Setting section to select Adaptive.

Then click Save at the bottom of the page. That's it! Neural Notifications have now been enabled for that PowerStandings Team.


Neural Notifications

No two sales agents are exactly alike. The Neural Notifications feature tailors PowerStandings notification messages to your individual agents and their unique personality using survey results and performance indications.

For example, a notification can appear to an agent to let them know know that they've just pulled ahead of another agent in a challenge. For one agent it might read:

Your effort is paying off--you've moved ahead of [AGENT X] in the [CHALLENGE NAME] challenge.

...whereas for another agent, it could read this way:

"Making point-five, past light-speed . . ." -- You've just passed [AGENT X] in the challenge. Time to put some distance between you.

This system is designed to present notifications in a way that each agent will find appealing, helping them to stay engaged and motivated.

User Surveys

Keep in mind that in order for Neural Notifications to do their job, they'll need a little input from your agents. If they haven't done so already, when your agents sign into the PowerDialer they should recieve a request to take a brief personality survey. The results of this survey are used for a variety of research and feedback purposes.

Be sure to let your agents know that you want them to complete this survey. Along with other factors, this survey is influential in determining the types of notifications most compatible with their particular outlook.

If an agent clicks Cancel, they can move on and use the PowerDialer without completing the survey. They'll be given the opportunity to take the survey again the next time they sign into the PowerDialer.

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