For users to use mCall, Administrators need to perform these steps for the PowerDialer for Salesforce system.

There may be a few settings that are causing a "No leads to dial" error. Begin with these steps to trouble shoot no leads to dial.

  1. Check Callbacks

    Callbacks will remove the lead from any dialer list, if all leads have callbacks assigned you will receive this error.

  2. Recent Calls

    Use 'minutes since last call' in a data query and count your search results.

  3. DNC List

    Federal Do Not Call lists will pull leads out of a list. Check your internal Do Not Call list.

  4. Timeblocks

    Timeblocks will cause leads to pull from the list if they do not match the set timeblock

  5. Queries

  6. Dialer Cache auto refresh

    Check for the last refresh of the dialer, auto refresh happens every hour (+3-15 minutes) OR refresh will take place when saving the query (within 5-10 minutes).

If there are no leads to dial do the following:

  1. Refresh the dialer cache or wait for the next refresh.
  2. Within the seek list builder check how many leads meet the criteria by clicking 'View query results'. If the search returns '0 leads to dial' manually remove filter criteria one at a time to see which filter is disqualifying the leads.
  3. 'Time between calls' may be set to be too long in the dialer settings. Set this to an appropriate time.
  4. Check the time ranges in the data queries. If the current time is outside of the time range, no leads will be brought in.
  5. In Salesforce, uncheck the box labeled 'limit calling times'
  6. Recreate the filters in list view
    1. Generate a list through Leads -> Create a New View -> Replicate the filters from Seek List query.
    2. Add a filter for owner, as well as 'phone does not equal ""' as the dialer will not pull in leads with a blank phone field.

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