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The report shows a text-based table, showing the current allotment, usage, and percentage of usage. Enlarge the images below to learn more of this report.

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Storage Type Limits

The new limits are as follows:

Storage Type Minimum Additional Per User Overage Price/GB
Data 1,000 MB (1GB) 50 MB $30
Files 500 MB 50 MB $10
Recordings 500 MB 50 MB $20

(Current information as of 2/06/2014. If much time has passed, talk to your agent to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information)

Thus, for a company with a single user on the IS.LMP, the total database allotment would be 1,050 MB (1.05 GB), which equals the standard 1 GB minimum + 50 MB for the single user. For two users, the totals would be 1,100 MB (1.1 GB), and so on.

The system calculates the available allotment based on the total allotment. If you go over the limit for any of the three storage types, you will be billed the individual fee per bucket.

Once the the storage allotment is exceeded, you will be willed for an allotment increase of additional 1 GB. If this is also exceeded, you will be charged for a second 1 GB extension. This 1 GB increment threshold can go up indefinitely; you will simply accrue additional storage fees for each 1 GB of extended overage.

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