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Let your agents bring out the competitive edge with Throwdowns. This feature allows agents to throw down the gauntlet and challenge other agents to a KPI duel. May the best salesperson win!

There's nothing you need to do from an administrative standpoint to enable or manage this feature other than sign up for PowerStandings Pro. With that said, let's go through the process of issuing and accepting throwdowns so that you're aware of this feature and capable of explaining it to your agents if necessary.

Issuing a Throwdown

To issue a throwdown, an agent starts by using the throwdown button located next to their profile picture in the Standings Bar in the PowerDialer.

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This opens the Issue Throwdown window. This window offers a variety of options for the agent to use in determining how the throwdown will work

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  • Type - This dropdown determines how an agent wins the throwdown. It offers two options: Race and Timed Event.
    • Race - In this mode, the goal of the throwdown is to meet the throwdown objective before the other participants.
    • Timed Event - In this mode, the goal of the throwdown is to complete a KPI the most times within a certain period of time.
  • Wager (Points) - The agent creating the throwdown can use this field to specify how many Points he wishes to bet. He and all agents who accept the throwdown spend this number of points to enter the competition. Whoever wins takes the entire point pool. The agent creating the throwdown can enter any number of points, including zero.
  • First To / Agent with Most - This dropdown determines the KPI that will be measured to determine the winner of the throwdown.
    • If the agent selected Race, they'll be given options relevant to this selection.

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      They'll see the First To field next to the Select KPI dropdown. Together, these determine how many times agents must perform a certain action in order to win the throwdown.

    • If the agent selcted Timed Event, they'll see some different options.

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      Agent with Most field. They can use the Select KPI dropdown to choose a KPI. Whoever has performed KPI the most when the throwdown period is over wins.

      The Length field determines how long this period will be. Agents can enter a number here, then use the dropdown to the right to choose whether this number should represent minutes or hours.

  • Select Available Players - This dropdown lets the agent choose which other agents they want to invite to the throwdown. They can use the checkboxes next to agent names of the Check all link to select as many or as few agents as they wish.
  • Start Time - This determines when the throwdown will begin. Clicking in the field will bring up a dropdown menu with times in half hour increments. Alternatively, the agent can manually enter a more specific time.

Once the agent is finished making selections, clicking the Ok button completes the creation process and sends the invitations to the other agents.


Once the creating agent has sent the throwdown invitation, the other agents will receive a notification letting them know they have been invited to a throwdown. This notice includes the following information:

  • The originator of the throwdown
  • How to win the throwdown
  • The start time of the throwdown
  • The wager required to participate

They can click Accept or Decline in response. If they accept, their points are contributed to the pool and they are admitted to the contest.

When an agent accepts the throwdown, their points are contributed to the wager pool and the agent who originated the throwdown receives a notice letting them know that their throwdown has been accepted.

When the throwdown has begun, another notification is sent to all the agents who accepted.

When the throwdown is completed, a final notice lets all the participants know who was victorious. The winner is awarded all the points from the wager pool.

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