User Security Settings

Most of the security and access permission settings are located in the bottom half the user profile.

For purposes of this training, we built a demo employee profile that labels common security fields and what they control. Your system may not have these labels, but pay particular attention to the fields, and the security implications.

The four areas as labeled are:

  • Data View Permissions
  • Site Access Permissions
  • Billing and Licensing
  • External Permissions
  • Use the table below to help identify the settings you need, and how to use them.
Data View Permissions NOTE: Remember the basic premise of data view permissions - does the user own, or not own the data in question?
Field Options Description
Corporate User
  • Yes
  • No
Corporate users have the ability to view all data in the system, regardless of ownership. They can specify that they would like to view data owned only by themselves, data owned by others, or a combination of both. Sysadmins and managers should have this option selected.
Team As defined by the SysAdmin.

Default options:
  • Administrative
  • Sales
  • Support
The team designation lets a user see data owned by other members of their team, but not those who don't belong to it. This allows small groups of users to share data with each other, while restricting access to higher level data they don't need to view or manage.
Available Layout Groups As defined by Sysadmin The concepts of Layouts and Layout Groups will be explored in the next section of this guide, but briefly, they control the physical contents, or "layout" of all of the various record objects. Which fields are contained in a record, and their physical orientation are defined by the object type's layout.

This option determines which layout group(s) the user can select when doing their work.
Site Access Permissions Site Access permissions control which tabs the user will see in the LMP, their ability to modify data or make changes to the system.
Field Options Description
Administrator Checkbox
  • Yes
  • No
This option locks or unlocks the user's ability to use the Billing, Page Permission, Layout Group, Employees, and Fields and Labels tools in the Admin tab. Even if the user's Page Permission settings would normally allow them to use these tools, if this option isn't checked they will not have access to them.
Page Permission As defined by the Sysadmin.

Default options:
  • Administrator
  • Power User / Manager
  • Basic User

This setting controls the level of access each individual user has to various site areas. If a user needs access to a specific object tab, and the ability to edit those objects, their Page Permission assignments control that.

Sysadmins can completely restrict access to certain portions of the database, or render them invisible. Page permissions control whether or not a user is allowed to modify data they don't own.

Additional permission settings can be added or modified at any time, but the system comes with three default permission settings:

  • Administrator - Has full and complete access to edit data, as well as full permission to make system-wide changes to any parameters. In most cases, the administrator page permission group is combined with a Corporate User data view permission, meaning that the user can view all data regardless of who is assigned as the owner.
  • Manager / Power User - This level is for employees who need “front line” data access and reports, but don’t need access to the back-end configuration tools. Managers / Power Users can edit and modify all data regardless of ownership (assuming they have permission to see it), and can modify front line activity functions like the dialer and email, but are restricted from the site construction tools outlined earlier.
  • Basic User - The standard entry-level user group. Basic users can only modify data if they own it (whether they can see it or not). Users are typically restricted from all site reports, and usually only have back-end permissions to change their phone number, email address, user name or password, or create personal emails and voice messages.

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