User Set UP

Adding new users to typically uses the following process:

  1. Create the new user's profile.
  2. Assign the appropriate licenses.
  3. Update the new user's basic employee profile.
  4. Assign data view and site permission levels.
  5. Set up the user's mass email/mass fax capabilities, if any.
  6. Set up the user's dialing rules—number of daily first and second dial attempts, and their call recording ratios, if any.
  7. Set up their external access IP address restrictions, if any.
  8. Add the user to any needed Campaigns, Dialer Initiatives, and ACDs.

Before adding an employee, it’s a very good idea to go into the Billing Information system and make sure you have all of the needed licenses. For instance, if you add an employee without an available LMP license, their profile will be created, but will be deactivated (i.e., marked as "deleted").

Assuming there's an available LMP license, as soon as you add a new user, their account goes active, and you can immediately begin setting up their profile. Refer to the Billing portion of this help guide if you have questions about the licensing process.

To actually add a new employee, or edit an existing one, you would go to:

Administrative tab > Company Settings > Manage Employees > View Employees

This takes you to a listing of all currently active employees.

To view an employee's profile, click hyperlink on their name. To make specific changes, use the Edit button once you're viewing their profile.

However, before setting up new users, take a minute and look at your own user profile. What you'll see should be exactly the same, or very nearly the same, as what you'll see when editing employees.

By default, there's two basic sections, or sub-divisions, within each user's profile. The top half of the profile contains more general, "obvious" contact data—name, phone number, email address, etc.

It may seem trivial, but it's a good idea to make sure every user has this information entered accurately. For example, email templates will often use employee profile data for personalized email signatures. If the data is not entered, it can look unprofessional when an email goes out, but there are holes in the content.

There are also several specific settings in the top area of the user's profile that directly affect their experience with the system. Below in the FAQ section is a table of many of the settings that can be found there.

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