User Settings

Setting Description
Default Results Per Page Controls how many records appear by default any time the user runs a list search.
Warn to Save on Exit If the user ever exits a screen that requires information to be saved, or posted to the system, it will ask the user if they want to continue without saving. This is often a good setting to use for the first 3-4 weeks users are on the system, to make sure they're remembering to save data to's Web servers.
Click-to-Call Caller ID Use this dropdown to set the Click-to-Call Caller ID to any of four different settings:
  • Company Phone - This setting sets the caller ID to the company-wide override setting, established in the Company Settings area of both and Salesforce.
  • Custom Number - Sets the caller ID to a specific number of the user / admin’s choosing. When selected, a second field opens to the right of the dropdown to input the number.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: For legal compliance, caller ID numbers MUST point to an actual, live telephone number linked to the organization who placed the call. Users / admins who enter a non-compliant number into this field may risk legal repercussions.
  • LocalPresence - Shows the LocalPresence number closest to the call recipient’s location. To receive callbacks on a LocalPresence number, an ACD or IVR must be set up with the LocalPresence number assigned to it, and agents must be assigned and available (if sent to an ACD).
  • Station Phone - This sets the caller ID to be the agent’s actual 10-digit DID from which they doing the calling. Companies use this option primarily if they want call backs to go directly to the agent who made the original contact attempt.
If given permission, employees can change this setting on the fly.
Reports To This is a management hierarchy function. Whoever the user reports to, that person will be able to view the user's data, and access reports involving their activity. If you do not want the user’s manager to view their data (or you are the manager), leave this input field blank.
Call Recording Ratio This sets a system-wide level of call recordings for the user, specified as a ratio. This setting overrides any other call recording ratios specified (like in a Dialer Initiative, for example). This is often used for new employees when managers want to have more visibility into how a user works on the phone. If you're comfortable setting this at the Dialer Initiative level, or you're not worried about getting specific recordings for individual employees, you can leave this setting blank.
Minimum Recording Time Specifies the time in seconds for how long a phone call must last for the Call Recording feature to kick on. Works in conjunction with the Call Recording Ratio setting.
System Identifier Each user has a unique system ID, stored in the database, that connects all of their activity to it. You may not need to use this for anything in particular, but there are other areas of the system that reference it, so be aware. When you hear the term "User ID" in the context of, this is the number we're talking about.

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