Using Callbacks

Setting Callbacks

  1. From your dailer, click Set Callback.
  2. Set the callback using the following options:
  3. Click Set Callback.

Due Callbacks

  1. If a Callback is due within the next hour when you launch your dialer, you will see the below notification:
  2. When a Callback becomes due, it will present in your dialer, and indicate that the Callback is now due.
  3. To call the Callback, select the correct number to dial.
  4. If a Callback is not completed within 72 hours, the Callback will expire and resume its normal place in the queue in its respective Seek list(s).

Editing Callbacks

  1. From your dialer, click the clock icon in the upper right corner.
  2. A list of scheduled callbacks will appear, with past due Callbacks appearing in orange.
  3. The system only allows 50 pending callbacks per rep at one time.
  4. Select which action you desire from the following options:

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