Using Salesforce Templates

Users can sync their Vision account with Salesforce and benefit from the template merge capabilities.

Absolute Automation Required for Merge
Using Salesforce template merge fields within Vision requires the Vision Absolute Automation package (and authorizing API access through that package).

Marketo Templates
If your organization uses Marketo templates for Salesforce, make sure that your sales reps do not have access to those templates (or at least the catalog of historical/testing templates). If your organization has numerous Marketo templates shared with sales reps, all of those templates will sync and it will cause slow syncing and navigation issues.

Sync Your Account

  1. Log into the Vision WebApp at
  2. Navigate to the Account Settings page.
  3. Scroll down to the botton and find the Connect link under Salesforce.
  4. You may see this option immediately after logging in under the First Time User Experience pop-up window.

    It may take a few minutes to sync all of your templates and make them available to any installed Vision plugin.

Using & Managing Templates

  • Update templates within Salesforce. A connected Vision account will update all Salesforce template changes within 45 minutes or less.
    • This includes any changes in template sharing.
    • Vision users can create copies of these templates to experiment with different messaging but those templates will be converted to static Vision templates without the use of merge fields.
  • Users must send emails through an email client to track the effectiveness of the template.
  • Vision merges data from Salesforce based on the recipient's email address.
  • It is recommended that you only stick a maximum of 20 templates in each folder for maximum navigability for your sales reps in the Gmail and Outlook plugins.
  • Folders with more than 500 templates will be excluded from Vision completely. If you have Salesforce template folders that have more than 500 templates that you have it is recommended that you redistribute those templates into more specific folders.

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