Office 365 Routing Setup

Office365 Routing Setup

If you're using Office365 as your email provider, you have two options for setting up your mail routing. You can use the standard Outlook plugin, or if you don't want to have to install the plugin on all of your users' computers, you can configure your Outlook365 mail.

  1. To use the Office365 routing option, create a new outbound connector by going to Admin >> Exchange.
  2. Select mail flow on the screen, then connectors.
  3. Click the "+" icon to add a new connection.
  4. Use the following connector settings as pictured, clicking Next to advance through each step:

    Use the plus symbol (+) to add the smart host:

  5. After clicking Next from the previous screen confirming your settings, you will be asked to validate the connector. This can be done using any email address.
  6. Now we need to start routing users through Vision. Back at the top level of the mail flow section, select rules and create a new rule using the "+" icon.
  7. Name your rule "Vision" and click the More Options link.
  8. In the Apply this rule if drop-down, choose "The sender..." Then select either "is this person" or "is a member of this group" depending on how you want to administer your Vision user base. We typically recommend setting up a "Vision" user group and binding your rule to that group; however for initial deployments selecting your users within the rule works well.
  9. Now add a second condition. Click add condition. Select "The recipient is," and choose the option "internal/external." Then choose "Outside the organization."
  10. Add an action. In the Do the following dropdown, choose "Redirect the message to," then choose "the following outbound connector."
  11. Choose the Vision connection in the popup.
  12. Add an exception. Under Except if, choose "The recipient," then choose "address includes any of these words." Enter your email domain, including the "@" sign.

    Note that this Exception should be unnecessary assuming the second condition was set up properly, but we've seen Office365 do some surprising things. The exception ensures that the routing flow works well.

  13. When finished, the additional settings should look as follows.
  14. Select the audit options at your discretion, and ensure the Rule mode is set to "Enforce."
  15. Save the rule and you are done.

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