Add Vision Users

Add Vision Users

After your Vision system is fully set up, you'll receive active email notifications as activities happen, and those same notifications will also be pushed into your Salesforce system, if applicable.

You and your users will also have access to a dedicated Vision management console that consolidates all of the activity and reporting in a single location. As an administrator, you'll also set up additional users through this console.

Vision Console - Initial Login

First you'll need to activate your admin account. Go to:

The first time you log in, both your username and password will be email account you used during the initial setup (i.e., the one you want to link to Vision).

After logging in the first time, change your password, and you'll be taken to the main Vision panel.

Feel free to explore the system. Most of the data views won't show much, if anything until you or your users generate some actual email and account activity.

Adding Users

Once you log in, you'll want to add your additional users by clicking on the Admin tab in the top left of the page.

While on the Admin tab, click the Add link on the top right of the page, then select Add User.

Once you have selected to add a new user, a window will open which will enable you to configure exactly how the system should function with the user. Enter the user's name and an Alert address, then save the user. For simplicity, the most common settings are preconfigured so you can create users very quickly.


  • First and Last Name - Self-explanatory
  • Alert Address - The email address that will be used with Vision. Once a user is added you will be unable to change this email address without recreating the user.
  • Comment - Any internal notes about this user.
  • Active State - Determines if Vision will be used with this user.

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