Excluded Notifications

Vision uses multiple methods to cut down on unwanted notifications. If you are seeing notifications that you don't want to see, you may need to adjust your settings for one of these methods:

  • Internal Notifications: Vision automatically excludes notifications for recipients that have your same domain. For example. If your email is, vision will exclude all notifications for email addresses from
  • Self-triggered Notifications: Whenever you log into the Vision web portal or log into the Chrome Vision plugin, Vision saves a cookie on your browser that will prevent you from triggering notifications on your own emails. However, you may trigger notifications if you clear your cookies and then view your sent Vision emails within a web browser, or you view the emails from a different browser.
  • IP Exclusions: When you visit the Vision web portal, Vision will ask you if you are accessing the site from work. If you choose Yes Vision will exclude notifications from your IP address. You can also manually set additional IP addresses by navigating to Admin > Company Settings > Vision Settings.
  • Consecutive Notifications: Vision will wait five minutes before acknowledging a repeat event. This means that if a recipient opens an email, closes it, and then opens it again within five minutes you will only receive one notification. However, Vision will acknowledge other distinct tracking events from the same email, such as clicking a link or downloading an attachment.

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