Troubleshooting Tracking Issues

Testing Tracking Notifications
By default Vision avoids sending you notifications on your own emails. Follow the instructions in Testing Tracking Notifications to test your own notifications.

Tracking may not work in all situations. This article covers issues that may affect tracking results.

  1. Blocked Images: Vision uses hidden embedded images to track when a recipient opens an email. You may not receive a tracking notice if the recipient's email client blocks images. For example, Outlook will often block images by default.
  2. Forwarded to Multiple Recipients: Vision may have issues tracking when your emails are forwarded to multiple recipients.
  3. Forwarded from Gmail: Due to the way Gmail caches images, Vision may not be able to track emails forwarded from Gmail accounts.
  4. Blocked Cookies: Vision relies on browser cookies to track when a recipient visits your website. Vision cannot track website visits if the recipient blocks cookies, uses a different browser, or never interacts with Vision content using a web browser. See Tracked Activities for more information on cookie interactions.

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