Sync Vision Events to Salesforce

The integration package allows iHance Vision to export activity information (website sessions and file download) into your Contact & Lead records in; completing Step 1 is necessary for this to begin.

Steps 2-4 customize your Salesforce interface to link back to Vision and embed the iHance Vision user interface in a custom Salesforce tab.

Please email when finished so we can enable data export.

  1. Install the integration package:
    Click "Get it Now" and walk through the install, clicking "Next" until fully installed
  2. Add the File Count and Page Count fields to the Event page layout
    Go the Setup > App Setup / Customize / Activities / Event Page Layouts and Click "Edit" for the Event Layout
    Add the "File Count" and "Page Count" fields to the layout. Note – Professional Edition users must add these plus the "IhanceId" field. Save the page layout.
  3. Add the "iHance" tab to your tab set (recommended)
    Click the right arrow at the right-hand side of your tab, then click "Customize My Tabs" Add iHance to your tabset, then click "Save".
  4. Add the "View this Contact in iHance" custom link to the Contact page layout (optional)
    Go the Setup > App Setup / Customize / Contacts / Page Layouts
    Click "Edit" for the Contact Layout
    In the right-hand "View" area, select "Contact Custom Links" from the drop-down Add the "View this contact in iHance" link to the page layout.
    Save the page layout.
  5. Repeat Step 4 for Leads (optional)

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