Using Vision Templates

This article is about using and managing Vision templates, not Salesforce Templates used by Vision.

Create Templates & Folders

There are two ways to create templates:

Creating and Managing Templates in the WebApp

  1. Add Template Folders
    1. Click on the Admin tab from within the Vision Menu.
    2. Select Templates.
    3. Click NEW FOLDER.
    4. Enter the FOLDER NAME, set the SHARING to TEAM, SELECT TEAM(s), and click SAVE.
    It is recommended that you only stick a maximum of 20 templates in each folder for maximum navigability for your sales reps in the Gmail and Outlook plugins.
  2. Add Templates
    1. Within a folder click CREATE TEMPLATE.
    2. Populate the template with the appropriate information (NAME, SUBJECT, and BODY).
    3. Use the Text Editor to apply HTML styles to your template body.
    4. Click SAVE.
    Folders with more than 500 templates will be excluded from Vision completely. If you have Salesforce template folders that have more than 500 templates that you have it is recommended that you redistribute those templates into more specific folders.

Create Templates from the Plugin

You can make any email you are working onwithin Outlook or Gmail into a Vision Template.

  1. Add Templates
    1. Compose the email, including the Subject Line.
    2. Click on the Template Icon.
    3. Click Save as Template.
    4. The plugin takes you to the Vision WebApp within your browser.

  2. Review, Save, and Organize
    1. Review the template.
    2. Optional: Change the template folder.
    3. Click SAVE.

Notes on Vision Templates

  • Vision Templates are static. Only Salesforce Templates have merge capabilities.
  • Template Folders and Permisions:
    • There are Personal Folders and Team folders.
    • Users can see and use templates from their personal folders and their team folders.
    • Managers can see all Personal folders of those on their team as well their team folders and their own personal folders.
    • Admins can see all folders.
  • Admins and Managers can see a high performing template and share it with more people including moving personal tempates into team folders.
  • Once a folder it shared with it a team it cannot be changed back to Personal so that those using the template will not suddently lose access.

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