Scheduling Vision Emails in Gmail

Custom Schedule and NeuralSend (BETA) allow you to reach out to your prospects at exactly the right time:

  • Custom Schedule allows you to select a specific time in the future for you email to be sent.
  • NeuralSend (BETA) looks at your recipients interactions, derives their location, industry, gender and a number of other relevant factors and then returns the best time of the next 48 hours for you to send your email to them. The email can then be scheduled to be sent at that time.

Additional Information

Custom Schedule and NeuralSend both have the following features:

  • Vision will send scheduled emails within 10 minutes of the specified time.
  • You can find scheduled emails in the Drafts folder or the Vision Neural Send label.

    It can take as much as 10 minutes for the mail to show up under the Vision Neural Send label but will show up immediately in Drafts.

  • Users can reopen, edit, cancel, or reschedule pending emails.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the plugin if scheduled emails are not working.

    Scheduling emails will not work if users accidentally don't give the plugin permission to schedule emails. Simply uninstall and reinstall the plugin to grant permission.

    Multiple Gmail Accounts
    For the scheduler to work you must be logged into your corporate email account (the one linked to Vision) as your primary account before installing the plugin. If you need to reinstall the plugin:
    1. Uninstall the plugin.
    2. Log out of all gmail accounts.
    3. Log back in using just the corporate account.
    4. Install the plugin and grant the plugin permissions.
  • Users will receive the following email notifying them that the Vision Scheduler is installed. This is normal and no action is required.
  • If users uninstall the scheduler then scheduled emails will not work.

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